1) We provide acting drivers from anywhere to anyplace.

2) Charges Upto 100 Kms vehicle drop is Rs.650. Extra Kms Rs. 1.50 paise per km will charged.

3) For Chennai vehicle drop Rs.950 including driver return bus spare will be charged.

Cost Details - Single Day Tariff - above 140kms

Rs.650/- Valid upto 12 hrs, For Additional hours - Rs.38/- per hour will be charged.

Cost Details - Single Day Tariff - below 140kms



2 hours

Rs. 252

3 hours

Rs. 290

4 hours

Rs. 328

5 hours

Rs. 366

6 hours

Rs. 404

7 hours

Rs. 442

8 hours

Rs. 480

9 hours

Rs. 518

10 hours

Rs. 556

11 hours

Rs. 594

12 hours

Rs. 632

13 hours

Rs. 670

14 hours

Rs. 704

15 hours

Rs. 746

Terms and Conditions
  • At any circumstance cancellation is made the driver left our premises, Customer has to pay 100/- as cancellation charges.

  • Check your baggages and valuables before the driver leaves your Premises, after then our company / driver will not be responsible for any loss.

  • In case of any accident, when our driver is on duty our company / Driver will not be Responsible.

  • If the driver does not behave properly or if he asks extra money other Than the tariff amount you can launch a complaint in our company.

  • Providing food and coffee or tea to the driver is your wish.

  • Don't call our drivers directly for security reasons.

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